Sophie McLean

Chair Person


Esme Robins



Barry Howlett

Treasurer – Payroll & Accounts


Other members:

Laura Newport, Hayley Vincent, Annie Love


We would like to take this opportunity to encourage & invite Parents/Carers to attend the Committee Meetings.  They take place monthly, are informal and relaxed where Parents/Carers have the opportunity:-

  1. Get to know one another

  2. Have their say on how the Pre School develops

  3. Discuss good/bad things about the Pre School

  4. Bring ideas and suggestions for things that the Pre School can do

  5. Help organise fund-raising, etc. etc.

You do not have to be a public speaker, good writer, mathematical genius, we are a team that help each other with one goal “to give our Children the best start possible”.  We appreciate that everyone has busy lives and we are not asking people to commit a large amount of their time.  However, even a little can help and enables us to keep the Pre School open.