All of our Policies and Procedures are available below.

The main & most important policies are in your Parent Pack, that you will receive upon enrolling your child.

You will also find a copy of each policy, in Explorers’ cloak room – located on the notice board.

Admissions Policy 2021

Behaviour Management Policy 2021

British Values Policy 2021

Child Protection and Staff Behaviour Policy (previously Safeguarding) 2021

Complaints Procedure 2021

Confidentiality Policy 2021

COVID-19 Policy and Procedure 2021

Diet Policy and Practice 2021

Emergency Procedures 2021

Employment and Staff Policy 2021

Equality of Opportunity and Diversity Policy 2021

Fees Policy 2021

Fire Evacuation Policy and Procedure 2021

GDPR – Parent Policy 2021

Head Lice Policy and Guidelines 2021

Health and Hygiene Policy 2021

Lockdown Policy 2021

Medication Medical Treatment Policy 2021

Missing Child Procedures 2021

Outings Policy and Procedure 2021

Parental Involvement Policy 2021

Recruitment Policy 2021

Retention of records policy 2021

Risk Assessment Policy and Procedure 2021

Safety Policy and Practice 2021

Selecting Equipment Toys Policy 2021

Settling-In Policy and Procedure 2021

Snow Adverse Weather Policy 2021

Special Educational Needs Policy 2021

Statement of Aims policy 2021

Student Placement Policy 2021

Tapestry Policy 2021

Transition Policy 2021

Visitors Policy 2021

Whistleblowing policy 2021


Other key documents

  1. Charity Commission Registration Certificate

  2. Explorers Ofsted Inspection Report (17th May 2018)

  3. Explorers Pre School Constitution (2012)

  4. Report of Questionnaire Responses (2018)

  5. SEN Local Offer