Food & Drink

Drinks and healthy snacks are served each session.

Please ensure that we are aware of any special dietary requirements that your child might have, so we can accommodate them.

Water is provided by the parents/carers for the children in individual drinking bottles for the session, these can be easily accessed independently during the session.  If  your child is staying for lunch, they can bring a separate bottle of juice/squash.

Drinks at snack time include water or milk.  The children have a choice of apples and one other fruit or vegetable either oranges, bananas, pears, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes or produce that they have grown in the garden.  We also provide breadsticks, cheddar biscuits and rice cakes.

The children will have lots of opportunity during their time at Explorers to be involved with cooking activities, experiencing food and drink from a range of different cultures and celebrating festivals such as Chinese New Year and Diwali.