Explorers has formed close links with St Nicholas Church of England Primary School infant classes and therefore in order to create a professional and effective care and educational setting have decided to mirror our philosophy, aims and policies closely in conjunction with the reception class.

It is our hope that this approach will enhance the education children receive within Explorers and facilitate their transition into full time education.

Early Years Philosophy of Care and Education

We believe it is essential to offer all children a secure and supportive environment in which to further their individual physical, social, intellectual, emotional, moral, spiritual and cultural development.

We recognise that all children are unique and it is our responsibility to provide a wealth of first hand play experiences which will enable them to make sense of the world around them.

“Early Years” before the Foundation Stage primarily involves an introduction to lifelong learning and we believe it must be an enjoyable experience which children will be eager to continue as they move on in their education.

We aim to ensure the best possible progress for all of our children whatever their needs or abilities.  See our Special Educational Needs Local Offer within our online Policies.

Key considerations

  1. Children need security, love, friendship, encouragement, motivation, stimulation, praise, mutual respect, trust and consideration for their individuality.

  1. Children need to be able to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, independence, individuality, co-operation, social awareness and an avid interest in the world.

  1. Children learn through questioning, experimenting, planning, testing, talking, observing, repeating, reflecting, responding and playing.

By offering a wide variety of well planned, age appropriate experiences in both in child initiate play and adult led play, in a safe and secure setting; by caring approachable adults, we hope to foster an environment of absolute trust where children can blossom and flourish.